Spiritual training diary 8 (In which 2015 begins)

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Dear spiritual training diary,
I havn't written for a while. I've been practicing my love for and understanding of people, and, when exhausted by that, gone out running long runs in the frozen landscape (slippry roads!). 
I've been dealing with the big family over Chrismas. Seeing and accepting and being grateful for all of them. 
Wanted to see clearly, rinse out, all of 2014 from my mind and body. To do this I have been laying still, emptying out a lot. Got sick. Had a lot of stomach ache. Slept a lot. Still body. Slowly moving body. Still mind. Slowly moving mind. Went swimming in the almost empty swimming hall, body in water, sauna, wash my hair. Silent slowly moving, slowly thinking.
Then social but passive body. 
The year of physical labour, erotics and intuition. I want that to continue in my life!
Went on a long trip, by boat and bus to my friends in Jyväskylä Finland. Lots of love. Physical surroundings of loved ones, touching, sleeping close, laughing, sauna the dipping in the icy lake. It's all good.
And Helsinki with my best dancepartner. Sick and tired both of us, so walking close, sitting, eating, watching stuff, talking. Before I went he put some physical weight on me. Sorrow and calmness in my body. I Miss dancing.
Sleeping less, energetic and happy. Wanna do stuff!
yesterday the bjj training at Team Leites started for me. Everyone was really happy. We have a new training place, and the atmosphere is great. Excitement. I love doing the "old school" warmut. Rolling and cartwheels etc. it's fun and I'm so good at it. 
Training today again, and then work at the restaurant all weekend. 
Action-Emma 2015!

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