Spiritual training diary #12 (feeling my neck, takedowns gone wild, )

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Dear spiritual training diary,
yesterday I worked at one of my jobs (I got a bunch), one of my favourite ones, at youth center Bagishuset in Bagarmossen. And, doublewin, they had martial arts day! So I got to work AND train bjj. Score!

This guy Martin came and held bjj-training with the boys (yes 100% boys attended, girsl looking curios but not daring). It was fun doing bjj with the kidz, doing physical stuff together ofcourse breaks barriers and make us more human. Increasing empathy in eachother. Sharing sweat. So basic.
Anyway, gotto go soon. Just also wanted to mention that it was helpful fot my bjj technique to train the same thing with another teacher, who empathizes different things. Learned a superbasic takedown, actually two. That I can jump up to guard (LIKE!) and other stuff.
Got thrown landed on my head cracking my neck, so slept with some difficulty and a lot of pain.
Now googling submissions. Found this page
Decided to learn the Omoplata:
Love, now going to dance!
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