spiritual trainingdiary #1

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Hi spiritual training diary.
Today I started a new physical practice: brazilian jui jutsu, aka very anarchistic wrestling. I love it! Even though I was very unbalanced today (unemployment, my partner and roomate Amanda still on her never ending tour, thoughts about love, passion, commitments and painting), the physical activity of today was well balanced, and I was harmonic in it. This morning I took a ballet class for the first time in a long while, for a very dynamic teacher I like, who says "good work ladies" when we improve on something. I felt my different body parts close to eachother, yet with a lot of independency/space to move around. Which is a good feeling in ballet for me. It was easy to feel wight in the body, and I was grounded (as I was not in my thoughs around work and relationships...).
My sister Siri went to the jui jutsu training with me in the evening. Which made me very happy. We went through the whole begginner thing together. Listening to the rules. Sensing the hiearchies (very easy). It went smooth. I've been a beginner very often. It's not difficult.
I broke nail.
This though is my writing training from now on. I hope I'll write a lot, and that I space out more and more into poetry and new age shit!
One more thing: Siri told me today she's started training wieght lifting!!! I'm so impressed i almost fell off my bar-stool. Wieght lifting!!!
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