Spiritual training diary #7 ("Don't end up on you back!")

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Dear spiritual training diary, 
today I was youtubing bjj clips. Inbetween sending emails to Arbetsförmedling, reporting to the unemployment office that I'm busy working all the time, changing flights and other boring stuff that are occupying my brain, I started clicking around on the search "bjj techniques". This lead to some feeling of inspiration, and some fun. Also to some good instagramming.
I've been feeling a bit boring and lonely lately. Trying to find my inner funny, spiritual and interrested self. Lost in to-do-lists and relationship riddles. Not good at shutting down feelings (luckily) I've been leaking small expressions of this on instagram. So for spiritual journey the last two weeks, see pictures below.
Anyway went to training full of determination of trying new techniques and learning, learning! 
Mental notes from training:
- avoid ending up on my back! Like, really, do anything to not lie flat with some heavy bastard on top of me. I've been short of initiatives, so I've been letting myself get into disadvantage to the find solutions from there. Not any more. Move forward.
- avoid giving my back also. Keep the opponant in front of me.
- they cannot strangle me with one hand. 
- control the hands.
After training I ate at Amidas kolgrill with my sister Siri, talked about art, biking and boys. Laughed a lot. The went to see The Mockingjay. 
good night
I feel inspired

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