Spiritual training diary #11 (I been feelin' my bones)

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Dear spiritual training diary,
I think I'm a bit stressed. Not so bad. I feel happy and so. But I have difficulties sleeping. Wake up all the time, restless legs, sweating, and in the morning everything hurts. My neck. My hands. And especially my jaws and teeth. 
Could it be that I've been grinding my teeth? 
Yesterday I went to danceclass with Fred Gies. He does somatic classes with an interrest around BMC (body mind centering). He lead us through an exploration of our bones. Our skeleton. Like, first I was feeling my bones on my body (where I can feel them), also feeling my bones touching me, letting the exploration move me spacially. It became a dance. it was nice. I was loosing up myself, thoughts and muscles around the dancing skeleton.
After class my poor jaw-muscles was relaxed and loose.
I'm remembering dancing like this is my meditation. Improvising in a in a dancestudio. Around my skeleton, or my thoughts of love, or a good music or what's relevant for me right then. I need this.

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