Spiritual training diary #10 (top or topping from bottom, new moves attacks, leg work, and love )

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Dear Spiritual training diary, 
yesterday was friday after first week of rehearsals with ÖFA: MONSTER. Since I'm aware a collective creative process is both super-fun and super-demanding for me, I made sure I had a lot of time on my own. Time to think in quiteness. Found time for both spiritual research, meditation and fun bjj-traiing. Spent afternoons in cafés reading All about love, thinking about love as an active force that can make us feel connection to the world around us. I want dance to be an active force that creates a strong bond to the community and the world we live in. 
It has been a great week. Went swimming twice. My hair is growing long. I'm for some mysterios reason loosing weight. But feeling strong. Also strong urge for drinking beer.
In bjj I have to my own suprise found myself being on top. Usually I end up on my back, defending, wiggling away with fast floor moves and lots of leg work, 90 kilos men over me trying to do a kimura on me. And in the good moments topping from bottom, f.e. taking it easy while the person on top sweats and struggles to get away from my legs, failing to pass, or scoring a triangle from under (my favourite!). But in the three trainings this week I found cuarage to be offensive, staying on top and finding all kinds of new situations. Succeeded with a bunch of arm bars :D
Friday night training as usual ended with an hour of sparring. Was great. Lost my air a few times cuse of heavy guy flopping down on my chest. But otherwise fun! No problem with stamina, just rolled and rolled and rolled.
Learnt this week:
armbar from guard, or armbar from top
triangle from bottom, better version
kimura från side, kimura från guard
using legs and spiderguard a lot
who Hildegard of Bingen was, and her learnings about the harmony between body soul and spirit
the power of leaning back (keep learning, keep leaning)
about whiches, skogsrået, Lilith, Hydran, The Incredible She Monster, The 50 feat Woman and other women-monsters created from the patriarcic fear of women, their sexuality, wisdom and freedom.
about love

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