Spiritual training diary #3 (Dreaming about sweating)

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Dear spiritual training diary,
it's 06.00 in the morning, dark and rainy. I've been sleeping all the time, different times, as much as possible. To get healthy. I guess I came to sleep's end now. I'm still sick. 
But no fever. Yey! Had lot's of interresting vivid fever dreams though. Miss them.
I daydream about training. When I sleep the fever off I sweat and wake up cold and wet. I change t-shirt and sleep some more. I watched the UFC gala in Globen on my computer at home. And a sort of documentary about the fighters. They did really fun excercises, and I appriciated how the seemed to do lots of stuff as parners, like together, strenght stuff and such. Seems like a beautiful other side coin. Fighting against eachother, training with eachother, a playfullness of a . Either way the niceness of it is in the conversation with another. 
Last week, before I got sick again, I took two danceclasses with Rasmus. I was so happy to be dancing and moving, to be engaging with perception, awareness, coordination, playing with timing etc. I remembered how good I am at dancing.
There was some notes I made in my head, something like
everything, everywhere, all the time
earthing: my feet are also part of the earth
nonchalans as playfulness
Now I will sleep some more
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